Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why I Love Hubpages

I've started in Hubpages about four months ago and I can honestly I've enjoyed every minute of my time there. This site has a great platform and system for writers, both new and old. You get to read (and comment) on hubs written by Hubpages' resident 'experts'. It has a forum where writers can (1) unwind and talk about anything under the sun, (2) ask for help / comments on their hubs (Hubpages' term for articles) or (3) get tips, advices, etc. Plus (and this is a big draw for a lot of people) you get to earn on the site through Google Adsense, eBay or Amazon affiliates. However, please note that this site will not make you instant millionaires or will not give you instant earnings. As most things in life, you have to sweat it and stick it out to see the earnings. Some get their first adsense payout after six months, some shorter than that and some receive theirs after a year. The key, according to some long-time hubbers, is to write more hubs (quality ones at that), promote the hubs and research, research, research on how to monetize their hubs.

If you want to know more, visit my profile below:

You can also view my hubs that I wrote in celebration of my first, second and third months (respectively) in Hubpages:

A hub on my first month in Hubpages

Why I love Hubpages

My Hubpages Resolution

Or you can visit my latest hub on the 8 things I have learned from and learned to appreciate in HubPages. This one features a lot of my hubs (though I can't include all of them because this is actually my 90th hub) plus a lot of the hubbers who I am 'following'.
Hope you enjoy the above and leave a comment or two either here in my blog or in the hub itself. Thanks and enjoy!

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