Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Love Food!

I can't help it, I really love to eat. I love food - local ones, chocolates, desserts, Chinese food, Italian food (especially pasta), seafoods, chicken, and my favorite of them all, sashimi! In fact, my weight, not to mention my waistline, are all proof of my love for food.

In honor of the foods that I love =), I wrote some hubs for them.

The first hub is about Filipino desserts. It gives a brief description of 8 desserts prepared and served in my country. You can see the related pictures for these desserts plus several videos on how to prepare some of them.

The second hub is about sashimi. Obviously, I'm a big fan of this food (sushi as well) and can eat a whole plateful of sashimi in one sitting. No kidding. If my siblings and I go to a buffet restaurant serving sashimi and sushi, we tend to consume lots of these (hope management did not mind). Buffet restaurants can charge a high rate but believe me, the price is well worth it to eat all these food.

The third hub is all about unique foods from the Philippines. It describes 10 kinds of food unique to my country, plus delicious pictures to get your mouth watering. Don't forget to click on the pictures!

Lastly, I wrote about the ways to cook goat meat. Okay, don't give me that 'eeeewwww' look. Goat meat is actually delicious and more tender than beef. Just make sure you cook it slow and at low temperaturs and you're good to go.

By the way, the picture above is not from any of these hub. This is a picture of cooked crocodile meat with Dragonfruit shake :). But the picture below is seen in one of my hubs.

Okay that's it. More hubs about food to come out in the future. Hope you like these food hubs. Cheers!

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