Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thong Sandals for This Summer

It's summer time once again (well, at least for some parts of the world). Time to hit the beach, the poolside and generally, have fun.

What better way to have fun this summer than to ensure that you wear the most comfortable footwear there is. Yep, I'm talking about thong sandals. And not just any thong sandals - thong sandals that are in the bestselling list of Amazon.

I wrote the first hub, Amazon's Bestselling Women's Thong Sandals, a few days ago. I couldn't help but feel that I just want to add everything on My Cart and buy all of them. Those are some great choices, great designs, cute colors and they all look comfortable and easy to wear too.

Not content with the hub about women's thong sandals, I published the Amazon's Bestselling Men's Sandals barely 24 hours ago. I know I'm not a man nor do I have big feet to fit on one of those men's sandals. But I do know that they look just as interesting as the women's thong sandals. I'm hard pressed to hide these wonderful products from my husband just in case he gets it into his head to buy one of those sandals.

So, whether it is men's sandals or women's thong sandals, I really hope you will find what's best for you. Have a happy summer!

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