Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the 2010 Philippine Elections

Two months from now, we'll be choosing a new set of government officials, from the President, to the Vice - President, the Senators, the Congressmen, mayors down to the city councilors. I tell you it's no easy feat to choose the right candidate. Here are just some of the statistics - 9 presidential candidates, 7 vice presidential candidates, more than 60 candidates for senators. And those are just in the national level, what more in the local levels?

In recognition of these all - important elections, I have written two hubs to introduce and provide some information about the presidential and vice - presidential candidates. My hub on Meet the Philippines 2010 Presidential Candidates lists the nine presidential candidates. Nearly all of the candidates have political background. One is a son of a former president, another one is actually a former president (!), four are incumbent senators, one is a former cabinet secretary, one is a councilor (the youngest at the age of 40) while another one is from the private sector. Two of these candidates are running as independents and have no vice - presidential or senatorial candidates. Only one among these nine candidates is female.

My second hub on Meet the Philippines 2010 Vice - Presidential Candidates lists seven candidates, only one of whom is female. One is a current mayor of the business district of the country, two are senators, two served as heads of several government agencies, one is from the private sector and one comes from the entertainment industry.

This is a crucial time for our country as a lot of people are hankering for real changes that can make an impact in our lives. Choosing the right candidate will go a long way towards ensuring these real changes. So vote wisely and may the best candidate wins!

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