Friday, December 11, 2009

A 2-Part Hub on 10 Things I Hate While Driving

Don't you just hate it when you drive anywhere and you get to encounter drivers with bad attitudes or pedestrians that do not really know how to cross the streets or people who are just uncaring that they are on the side of a busy street and still carry on like they own the whole sidewalk? Well I do. In fact, whenever my husband and I go out for a drive (short or long-distances), we end up ranting against bad drivers, bad traffic situations and bad pedestrians. In fact, some of those situations that we rant about can actually cause serious injuries (or even death) to us and the other people.

To get matters off my chest, I wrote a hub on the 10 Things I Hate while Driving. The top thing in the list? Text - or call - addicts who drive while texting or calling using their cellular phones! When I see a driver texting or calling while driving at the same time, I immediately tell my husband (who's driving by the way, not me) to avoid that vehicle as the driver is not 100% focused on his / her driving. When I published this hub, the comments just kept pouring in. Turned out that a lot of people actually have a lot of peeves when they are driving. Other things that I hate include - pedestrians who cross the streets and act like they're walking on the moon, people who treat the sidewalks as extensions of their living rooms, drivers who overtake even when they are turning a blind curve (we have a really scary experience on this one), slowpokes, intersection maniacs, those who do not want to be overtaken (at all cost) and not-so-early warning devices.

Needless to say, after receiving all those comments, I decided to compile a few more in the list then published the second part of the hub (entitled 10 Things I Hate While Driving...Part II). This hub basically adds to the top 10 things I wrote in my first hub plus inputs from the various commenters from my first hub. The next 10 top things I hate while driving include the following: drivers who stop in the middle of the road, drivers who shop for open lanes, 'race car' drivers, cutting through drivers, butt and side stickers and a personal account of a 'moonwalker'.

If you want to read more, just click on the links to my hubs. Happy reading and hope you leave your comment on what p@sses you off when you are out driving. Cheers!

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